September Newsletter


Sept 6 DAY  Labor Day This weekend Cross-country time $5.00 per hour reduced if flown 3 hrs per day

Sept 11 Saturday 8am EAA Meeting. Dec 4 next meeting.

Special cards available to get the free magazine from AOPA

Remember when you damage the airplane or leave a fuel cap of when you refuel, blown tires etc. Usually you have to pay for these events our planes are insured but there is a $2500.00 deductible. The insurance pays after we have paid those amounts.

Sunday’s we are closed. We are open for scheduled flights only. So please call before you come out.

Don’t forget we have Gift Certificates for sale

Sept 2021





Sept 2021

SEPT 6  Labor day  This weekend 3-6th of Sept  if you fly 3hrs per day the rental will be reduced by $5.00 per hour.

Sept 11 Saturday 8AM EAA ( Experimental Airplane Association)  They take kids 10-18 for rides on certain scheduled days. 4 Times a year. You can volunteer for this flying you have to get permission from head quarters to fly kids.  You have to sign up to be able to take your kids.

Next time free rides Dec 4 from EAA


Please make sure tires are aired up properly because you can blow the tube and cause damage to the plane .

After flying  please check the plane and take out your trash like water bottles. Paper towel, towels etc. We have had numerous items left in the plane headsets Boise, I-pad ,Fitbit’s, gps you name it we found it. Please make sure you get your stuff out we are not responsible for items left.         

                              For Sale

Edwin Sharp has a hangar for sale or rent $25,000.00 it will be available approx. Oct 1 to buy or to rent. Give him a call if interested 442-242-4602

1975 Piper Arrow PA-28-R200 N4590X TT 5300 Time on factory overhauled engine 1150 $75,000.00 Elliot Fried 760-885-0012

Hangars for rent Bill Klopping  760-559-5480,

Raymac 760-403-040  

Raymac ‘s Cessna 320 Skynight twin is for sale  760-403-0407 $75,000.00

Airplane prices going up unfortunately fuel prices have gone up  $1.00 per gallon so we are increasing the rates to reflect this

Cessna 152 now 110.00 115.00

Cessna 172 now 134.00 139.00

Warrior       now 143.00 148.00

Champ         now 109.00 114.00

Archer         now 162.00 167.0

Gate code

Please ask for code at office. It will make it easier for you.

                        Summer is continuing

This summer has started to be out to be very hot. Remember to take water when you go flying. Also while you are climbing check your temperatures if the aircraft is running hot, please level off for a while and then continue to climb or climb at a higher airspeed to keep the temps cooler. Remember these are Aircooled engines and when the temp gets over 100F there is very little effective cooling. Temperatures do decrease with altitude so the higher the cooler temperature the decrease per 1000 FT is 2C .

Some rules about BIG Bear. Only 2 people are allowed to go in a Cessna 172 , Piper Warrior to Big bar The only planes that are allowed to go to Big Bear in the summer with 4 people and reduced fuel depending on weight and balance is the Piper Archer.


Amir Pinneles, Juan Conception, Steven Mason , Erica Guidry, Johhny Duffy, Jenai Hutchinson, Juan Zapata


Echette Washington Private Pilot Add-on CFI Sean Melodia


Thomas Knight C-172  CFI Sean Melodia, Chad Shaules PA-28-161 CFI Sean Melodia, Dave Lohr His RV CFI Raymac, Jamey Jannsen C-172 CFI Gary McBurney

Mike Kuhlman Cessna 152 Sean and Ray

FOR ALL NEW STUDENTS REGULATIONS REQUIRE THAT BEFORE YOU START YOUR FLIGHT TRAINING YOU BRING IN A BIRTH  CERTIFICATE AND PICTURE I.D. OR VALID PASSPORT. The instructor has to verify the information and make an entry in your logbook, so please bring them in. Midfield has to keep copy of this info.

 Remember with the heat the density altitudes are much higher and you need to lean the mixture even while taxing to the run-up area to prevent sparkplug fouling.

 You have to have a sign off from your CFI every 90 days . Please keep track of these things the insurance is null and void when you do not have these sign offs and you are flying.

Remember if you break the plane the deductable is $2500.00 You can get insurance for this from Avemco