April 2021

We are going to do a Private Pilot Ground school

It will consist of 3 evening classes and then the weekend ground school in May

You are required to come to the other classes in order to come to the weekend class. Seating will go to the students that went to the other classes first.

March 30th Flight Planning Class  6PM-9PM  Preparing a flight from Apple valley to Fox use of charts plotter e6b Club $30.00 Non-Club 40.00

April 13th Private Pilot Ground School class  6PM-9PM  Weight and Balance Club 30.00 Non-club 40.00

April 27th 2021 Private Pilot Ground School class  6PM-9PM  Radio Navigation Club 30.00 Non-club 40.00

May 17-18th Sat—Sun 8AM to 5PM Private Pilot Ground School   Club 200.00 Non Club 250.00

People with Piper Cherokee series a big AD came out on some airplanes. So check and see if your airplane is included.

Easter is April 4th Have a great day with your family and friends.

March 30 Tuesday night Cross-Coutry Planning class 6pm-9pm

Prepare Flight Log Use Chart, plotter, e6b Use charts on performance climbs how much fuel used how fast the plane will travel. This is good for all students and takes the full 3 hours. Cost Club member $30.00 non-club $40.00

Poppy Preserve by Lancaster approx. 20 southwest of airport , from  March to April the ca poppies are in bloom there are rolling hills of them great to see from the airplane or you could drive down there and walk amongst them. You can go on-line for details. The best timer is nice calm sunny days . The flowers tend to close up when it is windy or stormy.

Students cannot go Cross-country unless signed off by a CFI. They also cannot go to other airports unless signed off for repeated take-off and landings. You are not covered by insurance unless signed off.

Remember if you want a fuel receipt you have to press yes when prompted.

Sweatshirts some left 25.00 3xl 30.00

For Sale

Super Viking G  Call Tyson Coogle        530-524-6341

Welcome New Members

Elijah Schuller     Kristina McIntyre  Echette Washington                         Anthony  Cisneros Kyle Kollitz

Congratulations  for first solo

Joshua Hobbs instructor Stan Call

Congratulations for passing there instrument check ride

Cameron Chien  CFI is Evan Silva

Congratulations for passing there  multi Engine check ride

Chris Koelle

Did You Know

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