October 2020 News

It has been another month of partial lock down. We hope as always everyone is safe and making it through this covid stuff. They are talking about restaurants opening for inside dining again. I just don’t really know what to think about it anymore.

Halloween this year is on a Saturday. It was going to be awesome. Everyone was looking forward to it being on a Saturday. But then it got crushed because of covid. We will see what the rules bring as it gets closer.

Time Change is later this year. It wont be till Nov 1st Day after Halloween. You will setting your clocks a hour ahead.

Do You Know

Dark chocolate

Chocolate was first seen in bar form around 1910. Dark chocolate is made from the roasted beans of the cacao tree and has many health benefits. From improving bad cholesterol to lowering blood pressure, helping to reduce stress and improving vision, it’s definitely worth eating a square or two a day. A study by Harvard also found that drinking two cups of hot chocolate a day prevented memory decline. Drink up

We need to have a birth certificate and picture ID on file in order for you to fly.

We will be charging a 10% finance charge on over due bills. This applies to maintenance, hangers, space rent, ect.

The gate has been having issues. There is a new board ordered for it. Just call us and we will get ya in.

Its finally getting cooler. It makes it a lot more comfortable to fly now.

For sale

Plane for sale a Maule 40,000 call       (760) 403-0908 or (760) 240-0487

1976 piper pa-28 151 17,000 no log books engine is over about 300 hours . It is parked on County ramp. call John 760-486-3529

McGuire Mooney for sale parked on the Midfield ramp 818-943-2905

We have a bulletin board with all kinds of things for sale. Come check it out. You are also welcome to come post something you have to sale.

Please be checking to see if there are active flight restriction areas due to the fires. The areas will be published and sometimes a week after the fire appears to be out the flight restrictions remain in effect. Also Flight visibilities are low, low enough sometimes that the conditions are IFR.

 Congratulations                              David Briones for first solo. CFI   Ray MacWelcome to our new members!Columbus Day Monday Oct 12th If you fly on Friday or Saturday of Halloween we will take off $5.00 a hour 30th -31st You must be in a legit costume.Remember to go vote Nov 3Get night current. It will be getting dark earlier and earlier so get your night currency. Remember at least 3 landings at night to a full stop in order to take passengers. Best yet schedule an instructor to get a extensive checkout so you feel totally safe at night.Start to think about getting night current
Vote Nov 3rdIf you are thinking about getting a pet rescue one. Don’t shop lets adopt! Check out  “No Stray Left Behind”           is on Facebook  If Carrie doesn’t have a pet you want she can probably find you a furry friend.Stay Safe and Enjoy Your Time With Family And FriendsFOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK! SEARCH FOR MIDFIELD AVIATION!