June 2020 Newsletter

 Happy June everyone. They are starting to open up places. In San Bernardino they lifted the  requirements for wearing a mask. Its hard to say what is going to happen next as the governor keeps changing things. Just with whatever happens use your common sense and stay safe. 

For sale  Hanger 51    Mark Taylor  22,500.00      760-559-4734

Cessna 182 3746U inquire within $59K

1982 Bowers Fly Baby  O.Z. Bell  909-519-9652

Garmin 420A GPS  Hank 719-339-0711

Cessna wheel Pants  Norm 951-609-1765 909-226-1817 cell

Mooney for sale contact Jim McGuire    818-943-2905

2 Dave Clark head sets  160.00 each or 2 for 300.00  call Doug 760-559-9182

 1961 Debonair Fresh annual 40,000.00 Call Don Cox   909-884-7469

  Hanger for rent 325.00 month.

Need air-condition or heating service call Lance Hall  760-964-2208

Manning Appraisal  760-265-3332

Need electric service  for your business or residential call Richard Bunck  909-260-9207

Fathers Day

Is June 21st Since we are not open on Sunday If you take up your dad or grandpa Saturday the 20th we will take $5.00 off a hour on plane rental.

If you need a check ride for anything we have a DP that will come up here.

Now that the weather is warming up the bugs are coming out. Please make sure you put on the Pitot Tube covers.

If  you are a student make sure Debbie has all your paper work. I have a packet that needs to be gone through that shows all I need prior to solo. Also if you have soloed make sure I have your 90 day updated.

We still need some cross country time on N737EC because of a new engine. N42126 is good to go for any flights.

2020 Oshkosh is canceled   It just seems one thing after another is being canceled.

EAA is dark June, July and August. Will be back is September.

                       Did you know

     Santa Clause was given an official pilots’s license in 1927

When Santa Claus makes his trip around the world on Christmas Eve, you can rest assured that he’s legally allowed to drive his sleigh—at least in the United States. In 1927, the jolly man in the red suit was given a pilot’s license from the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics William P. MacCracken

Welcome To Our New Members!

John Tascione

Congratulations  to

Rachel Gainer on her first solo.  CFI Gary McBurney   Also Cameron Chien first solo  CFI  Ray mac                               

Congratulations to      

Cameron Chien  on passing his written test CFI Ray Mac

  Congratulations to

Adam Edin passed his commercial check ride  CFI  Ray Mac

Dr. Rex for getting his private pilot license  CFI Ray Mac

(Please Coil up the tie down ropes.)

Happy Fathers Day To All The Great Dads Out There