May 2020 Newsletter

  I hope Everyone is doing fine. We can only hope that the virus is going to slow down and leave as the weather gets warmer. We have been fortunate here at Midfield to be open and offer our services to you. They are saying that things might start opening up around the middle of May. Please use common sense and stay safe when it happens. 

For sale          Hanger 51    Mark Taylor  22,500.00      760-559-4734

Cessna 182 3746U inquire within $59K

1982 Bowers Fly Baby  O.Z. Bell   909-519-9652

Garmin 420A GPS  Hank 719-339-0711

Cessna wheel Pants  Norm 951-609-1765 909-226-1817 cell

Mooney for sale contact Jim McGuire    818-943-2905

Did you know

Allspice, also known as pimento in Jamaica is the dried fruit of the pimenta dioica plant. Through the dried berries resemble peppercorns, the flavor profile invokes the flavor of warming spices like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Commonly spotted in Caribbean, Middle Eastern and Latin American cuisines, allspice is a versatile ingredient that has a presence on fine-dining and ethnic independent menus as it’s in the inception stage.

Mothers Day

Is May 10th. Since we are not open on Sunday If you take up your mom or grandma Saturday the 9th we will take $5.00 off a hour on plane rental.

If you need a check ride for anything we have a DP that will come up here.

Now that the weather is warming up the bugs are coming out. Please make sure you put on the Pitot Tube covers.

If  you are a student make sure Debbie has all your paper work. I have a packet that needs to be gone through that shows all I need prior to solo.

We still need some cross country time on N737EC because of a new engine. N42126 is good to go for any flights.

Super Bloom Flowers

Pilots have been flying over the flowers and they are beautiful. If you get a chance you should take a flight and check them out. Places to check is Lancaster near fox field, Death Valley area and Borrego Valley. 

Monday May 25th is Memorial Day. We are offering $5.00 off a hour on plane rental to all veterans. We thank you for all you have done for us.

Welcome To Our New Members!

Mike Cuervo, Saul Mendoza, Chris Miller

Congratulations to   Dr.Rex private pilot license instructor        Ray Mac ,

Congratulations to      

Ross Johnson  on his first solo  

(Please Coil up the tie down ropes.)

Ans has a house for rent.

House for rent Apple Valley 1500 sq feet 3 bedroom, 2 bath, den, spa room, 2 car garage totally fenced, partially furnished $1400.00 per month. Please call Ans (760) 242-3447

Also she has one  for sale

House for sale new shower, new carpet, 2 bedroom, shower, free standing garage which can be converted to apartment, almost an acre. Would like to net $160,000.00 and sell myself or. After Corona virus will list. Call Ans  (760) 242-3447 

To all the Mom’s out there have a wonderful Mothers Day.