January 2020

Jan 4  Sat EAA Free Flight for kids 10-18 years old  8:30am parental consent  come to the main terminal at the airport 

Private Pilot Ground School               January 18 –Jan 19st-January  Saturday and Sunday 8am-5pm Cost $180.00 Club $210.00 Non-Club  Need E6b/Plotter/Test prep approx. $50.00 Sign up early so we know how many students to expect.

Feb 1 EAA is hosting a wings event speaker from the Marine base is coming to talk details later

Remember Jan and Feb are some of the best flying months around no significant turbulence. Try to get your night time now since days are short Remember to not schedule anything before 9am unless there is no frost.

If you would like to make a New Years resolution to get a License , we will hang it up in the office so you can  stay motivated

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020

Hangar and space rent                                              

There is a 5% discount if paid with cash or check if year is paid in full. The discount does not apply when paid with credit card. Electric is due .

** Penalties***

For outstanding bills hangar and space and airplane time Port-a-port and space bills are due and payable by the first of each month. We are going to start enforcing charges when you are late on your payments. 

The following people have hangars for rent. Please call them if you want to rent a hangar Brian Trekell 760-963-6264. One hangar for sale Mark Taylor 760-559-4734

in Stock:  New Los Angeles charts 9.00 Midfield Aviation Tshirts (10.00) and sweat shirts(25.00)

Remember if you are scheduled to fly, please show up. Your flight instructor may have come from Barstow/Kingman to fly with you so please be     considerate of their time .

Welcome to our new club members: Matthew Threlkeld,

Congratulations to the following solos and licenses: Richard Bunck Commercial CFI Gary McBurney, Troy Nottingham First solo  CFI Justin Talley, Duke Dinh first solo CFI Gary McBurney, Paden Hall First solo CFI Gary McBurney Troy Nottingham Private Pilot  CFI Justin Talley.

Please avoid the High School The Police came out in force to apprehend the pilot who flew the plane low over the school

30378 will go in for a paintjob Jan 20 tentatively and will be gone for about 30 days.

42126 will be back with a new engine and will need some run-in time so cross-countries only at first.

Please send your hangar self-questionnaire back to Midfield by the end of  Dec

Club members a token of our appreciation gift  is arriving right before Christmas  please pick up yours.

Private Pilot Ground School               January 18st Jan 19nd, Saturday and Sunday 8am-5pm  Cost $175.00 Club $200.00 Non-Club and approx. $50.00 worth of books

Remember sunset is early now 5pm so get your night flying out of the way you will need 3 hrs to get your private pilot license. The next several months is easy in the summer you need to go at (pm so do it now.

.Remember if you want to fly early in the am put plane in hangar if space available. It is starting to get cold so be prepared to not be able to start the aircraft. If you have trouble starting the aircraft please come in the office , before the battery is dead.

Flight instructor Robert Garrison is in Alaska, is now cancer free. He has to get a bone marrow transplant in Seattle, this will take 3 months We send him $1100.00 last year. Lets try to collect a few more funds for him so he can go on his lifesaving trip. He is extremely grateful and says Thanks Bobs address 1904 Rickert Street Fairbanks Alaska 99701

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