Join us Friday, Aug 4th at noon for lunch.

Flight training device Class

July 26, 6pm Training to help get your instrument rating. You can do practice approaches, holding pattern. Class will be taught by Gabe Mosley members $10.00 non-club $15.00. Sign up, you can rent the device at Midfield for $25.00 per hour or you can hire Gabe to set up your equipment at your home


Club Trip 

Saturday Aug 19th to Chiriaco Summit. Leave at 9am and return by dark. Visit the Patton Museum and eat at a local restaurant, expenses to be shared.

Tuesday, Aug 22 from 6pm– 8pm

Flying the “old-timers” the tail draggers. What you need to know to fly these aircraft.

Saturday, August 26  Breakfast & Flying

 Champ flying starts at 6am! Breakfast at 7am. Come help cook eat or fly. Have to schedule a flight, first come first served. Depending on how many flights, .5 each lesson.

2017 Apple Valley Air Show 

The annual air show will be Saturday, October 14th.

In Stock: New LA Charts, Penetrating Oil, $11.99  Heavy Duty Foaming Cleaner $10.99, Also Speed Gloss & New Far/Aims 2018 are in fresh off the press.

CFI Green sells brown/green eggs from his chickens 18 for $5.00  (760) 963-6987

Transport & Hauling & now firewood for sale a cord this summer sale $235.00/cord mixed wood Inquire with Craig 760-885-8486

Private Pilot Ground School/Bi-Annual Class

Call Midfield, if you are interested in private pilot ground school or a bi-annual class. Next scheduled class in September. 


Mooney For Sale 

1961 Mooney M20B: 3800 hours, 600 since major overhaul on engine, dual glide slopes, new 6 pack panel, NAVCOM Garmin SL30, 4 cylinder CHT/EGT $35,000. Contact Steve Van Frank at 702-420-3559.

Mike Badeaux Cessna 150 for sale $22,000.00     (760)248-6336

Special use/restricted airspace for marine base 29palms from now trough end of October it comes all the way out to soggy dry lake includes the 3 airports in Johnson Valley Please check every day while this temporary restricted

Welcome our new members! 

Mitch Mammack & William Lundburg.  

First Solo

Russell Plumb Cessna 172 CFI Tom Morley. Alexander Clarke Warrior CFI Tom Morley.


Please Please, gentle operations of the power plants (engines) on the plane no shoving power in no jerking power back for prolonged descents all this can cause shock cooling even with these hot temperatures. Remember the Density altitude.


If you schedule early in the morning you have to show up or pay staff and CFI’s they should not be inconvenienced. It is unfair to call them at 1am in the morning or not even let them know if you are not going to show.



Nikki Zrelak and Miguel Dietrick Got Married July 8 2017 in Independence, Ca. We wish them a long and happy life together .


Dates To Remember


Join us Friday Aug 4th at noon for a delicious lunch.

Wed July 25, 6pm Flight Training Device Class Please sign up!

   Club Trip

Sat Aug 19 Chiriaco Summit & visit the Patton Museum .

       Have lunch Leave at 9am, return by dark. 


Aug 22 ,tuesday eve 6pm Tail dragger Class

Aug 26 6am Tail dragger flying and 7am breakfast

Served until 8am. Sign up for the tail dragger flying depending on amount of people. .5 each lesson

Total eclipse of the sun on August 21, 2017 Madrs Oregeon, Casper Wyoming

Lost Logbook

George Schneider lost a black headset case and logbook . Please call with any information. 

A lot of used Aviation books came in we are selling them for $5.00 each and $10.00 for the reference books

New Far/Aim 2018 are in!