July 2018

Independence Day Wednesday July 4th

4th of July Potluck Ray’s Hangar @ 6pm There is a potluck, Ray is roasting a pig and there is a great view for the fireworks @ 9p.m.

July 12 Fore Flight class Thursday 4-6p.m.

Wayne is going to teach a electronic flight planning class. Cost Club 15.00 Non-Club $20.00

July 16 Club trip to Catalina leave 9am

Weekend Private Pilot Ground school. (Sign- Up!) Weekends Jul 21 / 22 or July 28 / 29 Every-thing you need to pass the Private written test Cost $150.00 Non-Club $175.00

Oshkosh July 23th - July 29th • Wittman Regional Airport.

2017 Apple Valley Air show The annual air show will be Saturday October 13th.



In Stock: New LA Charts, Penetrating Oil, Heavy Duty Foaming Cleaner, Speed Gloss, License Plate Frames and Pilot and crew key chains.

Special! Schedule a long cross country, 4th of July for more than 2 hours one-way and receive $5 off Per hour. *Paid up club members only.

***Congrats And Bon Voyage***

Gary McBurney is going for airline training he is going to fly for SkyWest. We will miss our Knowledge base.

Dan West looking for people/pilots to share time he is also available for safety pilot work call him 765-730-5912

.CFI ‘s Availability *Tom Morley will be gone July 4 and for the rest of July he will be here for 2 weeks in August *Steve Shoemake will be available to fly. You can schedule with Steve by calling him @ 760-979-7613 *Ray Mccullough will be available Thursday tru Monday noon. Every week 760-403-0407.

***Our new CFI Chris Reihn is young and very experienced, and has the energy and knowledge to provide you with, to become a great pilot. Reach him @ (909) 767-0217.

Independence Day Wednesday July 4th

4th of July Potluck Ray’s Hangar @ 6pm Come for the roasted pig and stay for the fireworks! At 9p.m. This is a potluck so please bring something.

EAA Free Rides for Kids Age 8-17 free ride for kids. Call Jeanance McBurney 760-963-6393.

Class on Fore Flight July 12 Thursday 6pm till whenever. Wayne Rodgers will teach electronic flight planning and explain how to use Fore Flight. $15 Club $20 Non club.

Club Trip

Sunday July 16th to Catalina Leave at 9am and return by dark. $25 landing fee, Expenses to be shared. You can go get a buffalo burger or go down to town $32.00 per person ride up and back.

Private Pilot Ground school Everything you need to know to pass the private private written test Pick your date July 21/22 or July 28/29 Cost $150.00 club and $175 plus books about $50.00 Sat/Sun 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Oshkosh July 24th - July 30th • Wittman Regional Airport.

2017 Apple Valley Air show The annual air show will be Saturday October 13th.

Welcome to the following new club members Brandon Hernandez

Congrats licenses and ratings.

*Rick Epperson C-152 CFI Steve Shoe-make, *Justin Talley Instrument rat-ing CFI Steve Shoemake & Instrument CFI written, *Kris McConnell Commercial CFI Steve Shoemake. *Andy Inman Private Pilot Privileges CFI Tom Morley.

Density Altitude Remember if you go fly when the temperature is 100˚F, the density altitude will rise considerably. This will result in reduced performance, such as your take off distance will be longer and rate of climb will be lower. Please be advised if you fly to Big Bear only 2 people in a Cessna 172 and Warrior. It is not unusual for the density altitude at Apple Valley to be 6700ft. If the temperature is high it will cause the oil temperature to rise. You might have to level off and climb a little at a time. Lastly, take advantage of every updraft you can.

JUNE 2018

Memorial Day  Pig Day Potluck Sunday May 27th at 2pm • Ray’s Hangar            There will be  Margaritas Machine! And A Roasted Piglet & Ribs. Bring a Dish to share. 

Memorial Day Schedule Weekend schedule extended cross countries early. This weekend for Club Members and Active Military Personal $5.00 per hour for flying time.

Father’s Day Sunday June 18th We do have gift certificates for sale Club members get $5 off  for flying.

Father’s Day Fly In  Colombia Airport • June 16th & 17th Bring your camping gear and stay in the beautiful campground. Breakfast will be served Saturday and Sunday for . Friday AT night the Colombia firefighters will be hosting a bbq, all proceeds will go to the fire station. All Weekend long activities.

Father’s Day Special!     Limited time only! Gift pack $19.95

Oshkosh      Gabe Mosley now forming a camping only group to fly to Oshkosh in July.

Private Pilot Ground School      Call Midfield if you are interested in ground school., as soon as we have 6 people we can do one.

Jim Sisk Won the lottery for the “Cam lamp

The arrow is up and running now. No more restrictions apply.

Barn (Ferrell)Cats available at the Hesperia animal shelter for $10.00 (760) 947-1700

One hangar for rent and one for sale. Call Midfield

We are looking for new flight instructors a lot of flight instructors are leaving for the airlines  get your time done before they are gone.

Welcome our new members!

Daniel Lewis,, Alan Kutz, David Woodring, Rothe Miles, Michael Simpson.

Written Test and Rating  Steve Hackney Instrument Alex Manciu Private Pilot written passed, Steve Hackney Ground instructor , Kris McConnell commercial written, Richard Buck Instrument Rating CFI Gary McBurney, Jack Lopez first solo CFI Johnny Lopez, Sam Mateo Instrument Rating CFI Mike Mangold.  

Density Altitude Remember if you go fly when the temperature is 100˚ degrees F, the density altitude will rise considerably. This will result in reduced performance such as your take off distance will be longer and rate of climb will be lower. Please be advised if you fly to Big Bear only 2 people in a Cessna 172 and Warrior. It is not unusual for the density altitude at Apple Valley to be 6700ft.  If the temperature is high it will cause the oil temperature to rise. You might have to level off and climb a little at a time. Lastly, take advantage of every updraft you can.


May 2018

May 5 Saturday, We are starting a group of pilots who would like to share flight. This will be a social meeting just to get to know each other We will exchange telephone numbers etc.

May 5 Thermal Air show 9am-3pm

Duel in the Desert Acrobatic contest May 3– May 5 Regional completion for Acrobatic completion We have a Jar set up for the sponsorship  of the trip to Romania

May 5-6 Chino Air show 40 war birds will be participating

Coming soon New Plane on line Cherokee 140 Cost $115.00 non-club $120.00  perfect time builder. Check-out to be performed by Tom Morley No flights to Big bear or high elevation places The back seats have been removed from airplane only 2 people allowed.

May 13 Mothers day

 May 19th 12 noon Ice Cream social. Drawing is for a lamp made from a camshaft $5.00 per ticket We also have a poster from the Aerobatic team performing in Romania $2.00 per ticket for either drawing you do not need to be present to win

Cleaning shelf's after each flight you can get a book for free out of the box we have set aside for you

Please use ladder to refuel no standing on cowling or wing, No hot refueling with engine running. And please use the speed limit on the taxiways, 10 mph.

If the hobs is not the same as the incoming time in the book you have to come in the office to verify the time so we can bill it to the appropriate person.

 ***Hangars     There is one hangar available for rent.$325.00 Plus UTILITIES Call Midfield (760) 247-5766 if you are interested.

***Ramp Fees   Victorville now has ramp fees. $25 to park, $5 to use their services.

Matt Dunfee is going to Romania to represent the USA in advanced acrobatics We have a poster for a drawing or you can just donate to the USA acrobatic team

Remember When you pay late finance charges are added monthly 0.015% hangar fees that are paid late incur a $20.00 per month charges and the .0015 so please pay up your outstanding bills..

Please remember when you go night flying runway 26-8 is not lit at night so know your crosswind limits...


Welcome To Our New Members!  

Chris Lee, Daniel West, Vijah Singhal, Dustin Boutelier, Rothe Miles

Written Test and Rating

Ashley Martinez private pilot test. 

Justin Talley Instrument Test

First Solo

Cameron Leclaire first solo Tom Morley, Jay Kelley first solo C-172 Tom Morley Alex Manciu First Solo CFI Ben Hoffman, Amanda Cave First Solo C-152 CFI Ray McCullough, Andy Inman first solo fixed Wing CFI Tom Morley.

Tom Morley and Steve Shoemake both obtained the Gold Seal Instructor license form the FAA which means they had 80% or better pass rate for studentsCongratulations.

Always wanted to be a land baron or sale 80 acres of land in the Danby area in the Mojave desert route 66 goes trough it. Looking for $25,000.00  call Ans

Greg Smith has a Cherokee six for sale info in the office.


April 2018

News Letter

March 28 Wednesday Flight Review Class 6-9pm Review of new info charts regulations etc Good for the ground portion of flight review Club Cost $20.00 non-Club $25.00

March 29 Thursday, Chino Airport  at Threshold Aviation 6pm topic Emergency Procedures Training put on by the Aviation Fast Team Fly in or Drive in share expenses.

Weekend Private Pilot Ground School               

April 7&8 Saturday and Sunday 8am-5pm                   Cost: $150.00 Club $175.00 Non-Club Call to reserve seat.

April10-15 Sun and Fun Air show Florida

April 22 Sunday Bullhead city trip leave early

Sign up to share expenses. Gamble and eat depending on the winnings return by dark

Remember if we get enough people to sign up we can have an instrument class.

Winner with the most flying hours for February with 13hrs won the aviation calendar

Hangar                                                     There is one hangar available for rent. $325 plus utilities. Call Midfield if you are interested.

Ramp Fees         Victorville now has ramp fees. $25 to park, $5 to use their services.

Make sure all your ideas are the same for your medical passport Ca drivers license if not the same check ride not authorized.

Also remember we need your passport on the first flight to begin with the instruction

Discount table

There is a discount table set up we have used books $1.00 each Aviation books $5.00 some $1.00 It also has some aviation books new that are marked down substantially

Remember in case of an accident the pilot must to pay the deductible you sign a lease agreement to that effect. The deductible are as follows $1000.00 On all aircraft other than tail dragger, high-performance and complex then the deductible is $2500.00 you can get insurance for the deductible through several sources.


Welcome To  New Members!                         

Mario Corado, Alex Mancia, Lilia Robledo, Mitchell Navarette, Michael Simpson

Written Test and Rating Robbie Walter Private written

First Solo

Cord Vaungh,  Cessna 172 CFI Gary McBurney,  Cameron LeClaire Cessna 152 CFI Tom Morley , Joey Reed First solo C-152 CFI Steve Shoemake

New Pilots and Ratings

Nick deSantis Private CFI Tom Morley, Marcus Weathers Instrument CFI Tom Morley, Steve DillCFI Tom Morley, Shawn Logan PVT Steve Shoemake, David Andrews CFI Bob Squillace


March 28 Wednesday 6-9pm

Flight review Class 

March 29 Emergency procedures faast team in chino

 Weekend Private Pilot Ground School

April 7nd and April 8 

Saturday and Sunday 8am-5pm               Cost: Club $150.00 Non=Club $175.00  

Club Trip Bullhead City

April 22 leave 8 or 9 am Share expenses gamble and eat return by dark

If we have plenty of rain remember to go see the wildflower poppies by Lancaster



Happy Easter!