Minimar  Air show Sept 22-24

Friday Sept 29 Night Flying  start 6pm Open Fire cook up some hotdogs and smores. Please bring an instrument to play so we can listen to your music. Instructors will be available to get night current Call to Schedule.

Free lunch Friday Oct 6 @ 12pm

Young Eagles Flights Saturday October 7th  

Call Jeneance McBurney (760)-963-6393 to schedule a free ride for kids, (there is an age bracket). You must have an appointment!

Apple Valley Air Show Oct 14 sat 9am-3pm

Entry fee 5.00 Kids free to 11  Midfield will have a booth. We will need some volunteers who want to man the booth. If you want access to your hangar or parking space on the day of the air show you will have to go to the county and get a tenant pass. This allows you access to hangar or space but not the show. Tickets for air show are $5. Children under 11 are free. Remember we cannot fly that day until after 4:00pm You need to pick up an access card to get to Midfield!

Sat Oct 21 Flight to Chino leave 

9am eat at Flos and go see either the Yanks museum or the Planes of Fame museum.

October 28 11am-3pm Car show/Halloween Costume Party 

bring out Your own “special” car, conversation piece from hot-rods to hay wagons Come in costume. We are preparing “Tubesteaks” and smores Please bring a side dish. Costumes will be judged A $50.00 gift certificate will be won by the winner!!!

In Stock: Far Aim 2018, All 2018 Test  prep books remember last years are $1.00

Make sure pilot covers are on because of the flies. If left off, air speed indicator will not work, will read “0”.


***When you take oil to put in airplane let staff know so they can write invoice.****

Also Pilot Tube covers install them please it is not fun if the airspeed says 0 when you go flying., because is bug is in the tube (their most favorite place).

Remember it is getting darker earlier now also the sun is rising later in the a.m. This is also the time to get the night time done So the night flying currency is meant to not run out of daylight and be landing inadvertently in the dark it happens more often then you think.

Welcome To Our New Members!

Michael Masthaler, Autumn Lovinggood, Gary Toy, Edwin Sharp, Richard Epperson, Matt Ferguson, Steve Afalla


New Private Pilot Bradley Lee Private Pilot Steve Shoemake

If you need your solo cross countries.

get them done now before we run out of daylight Nov 5 is change to daylight savings time.

If you get fuel on cross countries tickets have to be turned in the same month in order to get credit.