December 2017 Newsletter

Dec 1 Monthly lunch @ Noon

December 16th

Midfield Christmas Party!!!......The party will be held at Midfield from

4P.M. to 10P.M.

Please bring a finger food 

As a token of our appreciation

Calendars! And Paper-white Flowers

 Pocket Pal 2018 Calendars are coming.  Paper white flowers are here! Come by and pick up a bulb, all you have to do is keep the bulb covered in water. 3-6 weeks you will have flowers .

Remember we do have CHRISTMAS GIFT CERTIFICATES and stocking stuffers


We will have a private pilot ground school. Please let us know if you would like to attend this, it will be a weekend class Club Cost $150.00 Non-Club $175.00

In Stock: Christmas Special Christmas gift certificates and some stocking stuffers.

The $50.00 gift certificate for Halloween  was won by Edwin Uglum he was dressed as Groot from Galaxy of the guardians.

It is starting to get cold, be prepared to not be able to start the aircraft. If there is room in the hangar make sure you remind us to park it inside. If you have trouble starting the aircraft please come in the office and let us know, before the battery is dead.

All Students, before you fly you have to turn in a valid passport or birth certificate with government issued picture idea this is for Homeland Security.

We will closed Christmas Eve and Christmas day except with prior notice.

In the winter, student cross-countries have to have taken off by 12 Noon.


Welcome To Our New Members!

Justin Talley, Mike Marzell,, David Andrews, Robert Love, Edwin Uglum, Danny Mendoza, Kimberly Devote


 First Solo’s & Written  

Rick Epperson C-152 CFI Ray McCullough, Justin Talley first solo Ray McCullough Kris McConnell Instrument and Instrument Instructor written test Justin Talley Private written Justin McBurney ATP written.

New Private Pilot

Jake Lopez Private Pilot CFI Johnny Lopez, Kris McConnell (belated) Private pilot CFI Steve Shoemake.


Dates To Remember


December 1st

Monthly Lunch @ Noon

December 16th

Midfield Christmas Party 4pm to 10pm @ Midfield

December 24th

Christmas Eve

December 25th

Christmas Day

December 31st

New Year’s Eve

New Years resolution this year I will get my private, instrument instructor commercial flight certificate etc. :)